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Warning!  I curse a lot on this blog, not because I lack an extended vocabulary but because I refrain from doing much of it in life.  This Blog is my outlet and I express myself how I see fit.  WELCOME…

Its been almost two years since I wrote this ABOUT and its time to make some changes!

Welcome to MoodyMommi where I take you through the multiple moods associated with motherhood; at least MY experience of motherhood anyway, and all the other facets of my life (there are MANY)!!! I have been married for 8 years and have 2 year old twin girls (determined to be polar opposites) and a five-year old girl (diva is too mild a word for that one) and am often looking for a ledge from which to jump *que melodramatic music*. randomly post shit when time permits.  I am busy as fuck attempting to get my doctorate, take care of three girls and keep them relatively groomed (i DETEST combing damn hair), and navigate the pitfalls of a divorce.  Sometimes I want to jump the fuck off a bridge!!

I drink LOTTTSSS of wine to prevent said jumping (just look at my pic).

Life has been a mixed bag of nuts.  I dont really like nuts, so yeah…

The point of this blog is to express myself in a non-violent way.  It is my outlet to prevent me from punching randoms in their face.  I have not been able to keep up with this blog the way I wanted but I will never give it up, because in my darkest hour I was able to write out a lot of venom and the occasional joke.  This place is my peace.  Plus I like to write poetry so I figured I would share some of that here too.  

By the way, don’t steal my shit UMMKAAYYYY???

The journey from single woman, to wife, to mom has been extremely emotional and tumultuous and some what schizophrenic!!!!
I often document my journey through poetry so please enjoy some of the original pieces sprinkled throughout this blog.  If you happen to copy my poems for some*coughcough* unauthorized *cough* use PLEASE give a mommi some credit thanx!!!  :-D

*psssttt hey* all my work is copywritten, Im just saying! Oh and all pics were taken from google images with noted exceptions!

Oh and let me do this before I forget!!!!

I figured I should do a PSA before someone comes on here and tells me I’m an ungrateful so and so...ASSHOLE!

I know I am blessed! I know that my circumstances are better than most. HOWEVER, that does not negate my thoughts, my feelings, or my mood swings. I am just willing to admit to indulging in some less than positive moments as I work through them to find a place of peace.  You will witness many emotions, many moods and lots of issues!!  Ranging from my struggle with body image, my lack of fulfillment at work, my love for my children, struggles with marriage and numerous other things to keep me glued to my keyboard.  The mood of my posts will vary widely and quickly!!! Bear with me and hopefully you will witness the pe ndulum begin to find its center but as for NOW, its swinging like crazy!!! that make me question my own strength and thank God for blessing me with it even as I question the reason for it.  

I have learned a lot in the last year and a half and I will work harder to share that with you all!!  Thanks for sticking around!


Here’s to going from elated to irritated in 2.5 seconds…Hold on TIGHT!!!!!!

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and I occasionally tweet!
Come by and say HI!!!

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32 thoughts on “About

    • Thank you!!! I’m a little nervous…scratch that…A LOT nervous about putting myself out there, but I think this will do me a world of good. Thank you for the support!

  1. This is a good thing for you. You need an outlet for any time of the day or night when some crazy other moody mommi doesn’t answer her damn phone. ;) I like it….will be following. But this can’t take the place of that other moody mommi that loves yah! Keep on writing!!!

    • Girl I’m late then a mug!! I have read this comment often but it finally dawned on me to reply *slowboat*! Anywhoo, yes you have been thoroughly replaced by this blog, if you object to this new arrangement I suggest you answer your phone 99.9% of the time. Otherwise…*tells blog all the secrets I would have told you*

  2. Your post, MoodyMommi | From elated to irritated in 2.5 secs…, is really well written and insightful. Glad I found your website, warm regards from Kum!

    • Hah I may one of those kids who return home some day but I’m trying like hell not to be! Thank you for stopping by again and I look forward to reading more of your work as well as your comments.

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  4. Hi, I checked out your blog like I said I would and am now following you! I couldn’t imagine having twins and a five year old. I can barely handle my 3 month old son. lol

    • It is a hot mess at time!! Throw on top of that working full-time as a high school counselor then coming home to crazy on top of crazy!!! Wine is my medication of choice!
      HA, thanx for taking the time to comment and follow, you are much appreciated!! :-)

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