Wine! My Medication of Choice…

Wine is awesome.  I don’t drink hard stuff, have the occasional beer but wine is my number one, I hold it near and dear.

It gets me through the tough times, it makes me feel nice. I spend lots of money on it, I’m not fussy about the price!!!

Wine makes any meal look sophisticated just look at my dinner of choice most nights!

Ya’ll thought I was lying in that past post (breadwinner) when I said I eat this way for dinner, OFTEN, yeah, no I wasn’t joking.

Wine helps me get through paperwork.

Wine helps me get through a Disney movie that I have seen eleventeen times.

Wine stops me from punching random people in the face.

Wine helps me speak logically when I am besotted by emotion (after 3 glasses all bets are off).

Wine makes me feel sexy, I mean come on menage a trois?? huh huh!!  sexxaayyyy!!! (by the way that’s the name of a wine, get yah mind out the guttah!!)

Wine helps me cope with the day-to-day humdrum without reaching for a McDonald’s knife and ending it all.

Wine goes great with a book, and lord knows I like to read, which of course requires more wine!!

Wine stops me from reaching for less legal substances.

The fact that I have random pics of wine in my phone/computer tells you allll you need to know about how I feel about wine.

not sure if that’ s a good thing or a bad thing but it is what it is

I can go allllll damn day about why I love wine.

The bottom like is wine makes me feel juuusssst fine, its my medication of choice!!!

*hugs bottle gently*

This poem © MoodyMommi Published Nov. 30, 2012

10 thoughts on “Wine! My Medication of Choice…

  1. There is no better wine than that which can be bought by the gallon. Just large enough to enjoy yourself, but still small enough to put a big gulp straw inside :)

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